In my contemporary art practice, I focus on exploring the themes of pain, wounds, and trauma, with the aim of metaphorically repairing them and bringing attention to the irreversible suffering they cause. I am interested in topics that arise from the unavoidable and inescapable relationships between humans and other humans, society, nature, and history. I hope to expand the audience’s and my perspective by examining the different narratives that shape our lives and, in doing so, encourage introspection and understanding of the origins of pain, wounds, and trauma, which may open up possibilities for healing.

My work has encompassed various mediums, including the Public Sphere, visual art, performance, and vocals. I have also received training in oil painting, animation, and design, as well as operatic singing. As a contemporary artist, I do not confine myself to specific forms or materials in my creative process. Instead, I carefully consider which media to use, how to convey my message, where and when to showcase my work, and how to engage my audience. Visually and audibly. These elements must all contribute to effectively communicating my ideas, sparking discussions, and prompting questions.

Interactivity, temporality, and unpredictability are crucial elements in completing my work. I embrace the uncertainty of the creative process and appreciate the variability it brings, which allows for poetic and critical interventions in the present. By remaining open to new possibilities and perspectives, I strive to create art that resonates deeply with both myself and my audience.



Chelsea College of Arts, University of the Arts London, MA Fine Art 2022 (Distinction)

China Academy of Art, Majoring in Oil painting bachelor’s degree 2016

Jiangsu Drama School, Majoring in 5-year Animation and Design associate degree 2013

Group Exhibition

[Blueprint] Cookhouse Gallery, London 2021

[Rally, MA Show], Chelsea College of Arts, London 2021

[Postcards from Isolation], Cookhouse Gallery, London 2021

[Postcards from Isolation], Archaeological Museum Innsbruck, Austria 2021

[Utopianworlds] 2021

[H2oooohhhh] 2021

[Before The Applause], Triangle Gallery, London 2021

[The Cookhouse Show], Cookhouse Gallery, London 2020


National Encouragement Scholarship, China 2013


Teaching experience in Chelsea College of Arts, London 2021

Class Representative in Chelsea College of Arts, London 2021

Class Representative in The Language Centre at University of Arts London 2019

Teacher, Nanjing Yazhou Painting studio, Nanjing, Jiangsu province, China 2016-2017  

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