She intending find the hole and mending them. Her actions shows how much she can do in the context of attempting to fix. Therefor, currently some of her works are about healing, looking for the origin of human trauma, trying to cure, or drawing together people’s common feelings for incurable pain through her works.

Her work involves drawing, creating in public spaces, vocals, and performance. She prefers to explore the form and material that can maximum convey the idea she intending to interpret. Rather than fix the tone of interpretation. For the reason, her sparkling can be activated by the materials she found or the conversations she had. She likes to create artworks with the participation of audiences or cooperation with other artists.

She thinks that all her works needs to show the context of time, space, and human existence. Hence, the material she uses is inconsideration of let the nature element stay on or can be catch by. In addition of the actual art practice, the trace left by her action and how natural processing the marks made by her art practice be value as crucial component of her art works. She abscessed by the unpredictable effects of her art practice can bring for the world.

佟 桦



她认为她所有的作品需要彰显出,时间、空间和人的存在共同构成的语境。因此,她倾向于使用能够捕捉到自然元素,或者允许自然元素停留的材料。对她来说,“不可预知性”是作品中非常重要的组成部分。在艺术家自己或者观众看得到的地方艺术开始发生,在艺术家和观众看不到的地方,浩瀚的时间如何消化、分解艺术创作留下的痕迹, 以及最终整个过程可以在多大的程度上影响到和人类、社会、自然,给世界带来或者带走什么。 对她来说是她所有艺术创作中最重要的组成部分。

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