Tea map


This the map for we shear the videos, pictures or words about tea. local concepts, habits, history or landscapes. You can share it by send me a location information with Word file or links. Because the knowledge will show with the location, no one will judge it if it is not the preciseness.

Some tea been pressed and shaped into simple shape for it can be preserved in time. This kind of tea have similar natural with wine. They are something will generate better flavours along years. As for tea, it is light and easy to transport. Where ever the tea goes the sharing concept grows. And the flavour of tea can be easily infect by environment. Which means It will observe the air around. Wherever it was presented will be documented by its won way.

Send me something you know. No one will won the world, therefore no one will won this map. I will put your name under this map as one of the redactor If you let me. like we are drinking tea together.

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